1. Successfully launched Petro Nuhr own brand of lubricant, NuRON LUBRICANT for East Coast Region at Kota Bharu branch in April 2013.
2. Successfully launched NuRON LUBRICANT for Northern Region at Sungai Petani branch in May 2013. With these two regions, we have opened more than 450 outlets (workshops) within less than 3 months.
3. Launched of new Petro Nuhr Group’s Corporate Identity. With the new logo and new business practices, Petro Nuhr Group will continue to expand its business synonymous with its motto, “Global Energy Partners”.
4. Synchronize with the new Corporate Identity launch, we launched the distribution of NuRON LUBRICANT in Selangor & Klang Valley area through some appointed agents which are given certain areas to penetrate.
5. Since February 2013, Petro Nuhr Sdn Bhd had successfully completed the supply of MGO and Lubricants to marine customers in Malaysian waters.
6. Petro Nuhr Trading Pvt Ltd had successfully engaged in few supplies of base oil to local blenders and started the distribution of NuRON LUBRICANT in Chennai, India.
7.Petro Nuhr Emirates FZC has recently secured 3 contracts with African countries to produce and supply lubricants with their own brand names.